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Stats don’t lie, Tony Abbot has no chance of being PM

December 10, 2009

Did the Libs choose the wrong man for the job?

If history is anything to go by, Australians prefer their PM’s to have a last name that starts with F or H, not A.

We also like our PM’s to have been born in September or August (like Joe Hockey) but never in November (Tony’s birthday is 4 November 1957).

Source:  National Archives of Australia


Lies, damned lies and boat arrivals

November 26, 2009

Published in Crikey

Kevin Rudd yesterday was asked about the number of illegal boat people arrivals in Australia since his pre-election commitment to “turn back the boats”.

He answered the question with statistics that I have graphed for your viewing pleasure.  They seem at odds with the graph I published last week until you realise that Rudd has been somewhat selective with the statistics he cited.

Source: Hansard Proof 25 November 2009

For ease of reference, here’s my graph from last week:

Effort versus reward for politicians

November 25, 2009

Published in Crikey

Just in case Malcolm Turbull is wondering whether the grass is greener elsewhere, I’ve compiled a handy reckoner of effort versus reward for politicians.

This chart compares the number of parliamentary sitting days for each lower house (House of Reps in Australia, House of Commons in the UK, etc) with the current base salary for a member of that house.

The UK, Irish, NZ and South African parliaments are clearly to be avoided, but how about the US or West Australia (well any Australian State except Tasmania, really)?

Sitting Day data is sourced from Horne, N, Parliamentary sitting days and hours 2008, Parliamentary Library, 19 November 2009.

Salary data is compiled from a survey of the various parliamentary websites and Parliamentary allowances, salaries of office and entitlements, Parliamentary Library, 1 October 2009.