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Lies, damned lies and boat arrivals

November 26, 2009

Published in Crikey

Kevin Rudd yesterday was asked about the number of illegal boat people arrivals in Australia since his pre-election commitment to “turn back the boats”.

He answered the question with statistics that I have graphed for your viewing pleasure.  They seem at odds with the graph I published last week until you realise that Rudd has been somewhat selective with the statistics he cited.

Source: Hansard Proof 25 November 2009

For ease of reference, here’s my graph from last week:


Immigration detention and Boat Arrivals Mashup

November 19, 2009

A few folks have asked me to show other arrival types on the same graph as yesterday’s, so here ’tis.

This is a mashup of the data from yesterday with data on immigration detention related to visa overstays and arrivals by air.

There are other causes of detention (including fishing vessels and visa cancellation) which I have not included on the chart so as not to make it too confusing.  The full data set for the detention set is current only until the 2007-08 year and is available from here.

Boat People: the real data

November 18, 2009

Published in Crikey.

There’s a lot of rhetoric about boat people at the moment.  Here are the facts on the number of people arriving by boat since 1989.

Data from 2001–02 onwards includes arrivals at both excised and non-excised places.

2008–09 figures include crew members and the 5 people killed following an explosion on board a boat on 16 April, but do not include the 2 men found drifting in an esky in the Torres Strait on 17 January 2009, or the 4 people found on Deliverance Island with no sign of a boat on 29 April 2009.

2009–10 figures include the 12 people who died during the boat sinking of 1 November 2009, but do not include the asylum seekers on board the Oceanic Viking intercepted in Indonesian waters.

Source: Phillips and Spinks, Boat arrivals in Australia since 1976, Parliamentary Library, last updated 18 November 2009: accessed 19 November 2009.